Installing CouchDB 1.5 on AWS EC2 CentOS 6 (x86_64)

Published on by Morgan Ney

Here is how I installed CouchDB from source on an Amazon EC2 instance running CentOS 6.4. For reference, most of the installation is derived from the CouchDB wiki documentation.

Add Rule to EC2 Security Group for Inbound CouchDB Traffic

Your EC2 instance will need to have a new rule added to its security group allowing inbound traffic on CouchDB's configured port. It will most likely be a "Custom TCP rule" allowing all inbound traffic access to port 5984. The AWS docs I've linked to explain how to do this. After adding the rule, reboot your EC2 instance.

Download Dependencies then Configure & Install CouchDB

Test and Secure CouchDB Install

You can test your CouchDB installation by visiting the Futon util in your browser at http://x.x.x.x:5984/_utils. Using Futon you should immediately add at least one admin user to crash the "Admin Party". Also, you should prevent non-admin user's from accessing the _users database to better secure admin user names from prying eyes. Here are some good articles on how to secure CouchDB:

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